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Firth Rixson Forgings GeorgiaAlcoa Forgings and Extrusions

(formerly Firth Rixson Forgings)

Firth Rixson Forgings, LLC, a United Kingdom-based provider of forged metal products to the aerospace industry, constructed a 200,000 SF facility in 2010. In 2011, the company announced a 20-percent facility expansion with a projected 304 total employees when in full production mode. In November 2014, the New York-headquartered Alcoa acquired Firth Rixson, and the Midway location joined Alcoa's Engineered Products and Solutions business, operating as Alcoa Forgings and Extrusions.

C-Tech Liberty CountyCTech

Component Technologies expanded from Connecticut in 1999 and occupies a 20,000 SF facility. In 2005, Component Technologies in Liberty County became a separate entity called CTech. CTech maintains an electroplating operation for surface finishing and plating. These products are used in the automotive, electronic and industrial markets. CTech currently employs three employees.

Elan Technology

Elan Technology relocated to Liberty County from New Jersey in 1998. The company is America’s largest independent manufacturer of ceramic and electronic glass insulators used in the automotive, telecommunications, appliance, health, aerospace and defense industries. Elan has 50 employees. Elan operates from a 90,000 SF facility.

Florapharm exteriorFlorapharm Tea USA

Florapharm Tea USA, headquartered in Germany, opened in the Hinesville Technology Park in 2012. The company is currently distributing tea out of the facility and has introduced light packaging manufacturing, bringing its employment above 20. Florapharm projects 50 will be employed at the Liberty County location within five years.

International Greetings USA in Midway GeorgiaInternational Greetings USA

(formerly The Gift Wrap Company)

International Greetings, a United Kingdom-headquartered manufacturer of high quality gift wrap and stationery products, relocated from Massachusetts in 1996. The company expanded its initial 50,000 SF shell building several times and purchased two additional buildings. Now, IG occupies more than 500,000 total SF between the three buildings. The company's employment in Liberty County has grown from 62 to approximately 180.

Interstate Paper in Riceboro GeorgiaInterstate Paper Corporation

Interstate Paper, a kraft linerboard manufacturer based in Lebanon, has approximately 345,000 total SF in Riceboro, on the eastern end of Liberty County. They manufacture 800 tons of kraft linerboard grades per day, including compression strength grades ranging from 35# to 69#. Interstate's products contain 3% - 15% recycled fiber, depending on the grade. Interstate Paper located in Liberty County in 1968, and they currently employ 210.


Liberty Concrete (Lafarge)

Liberty Concrete is a concrete aggregate plant with a facility within Liberty County that is owned and operated by Lafarge North America. The company specializes in aggregates and concrete, gypsum, cement, asphalt, pre-cast solutions and pipe products, as well as sustainability and construction design.

Martin Marietta Materials

Martin Marietta Aggregates is the nation’s second largest producer of construction aggregates in the United States, supplying the crushed stone, sand and gravel used to build the roads, sidewalks and foundations. The company also is a provider of asphalt and concrete in select geographic areas, with 300 quarries and distribution facilities in 28 states.

Newport Timber/RB Lumber

Newport Timber was established in 1968 to provide wood chips to Interstate Paper. In more recent years, Newport Timber has added services to include timber appraisals and land management and reforestation planning. In 2006, Interstate Resources, Inc. established RB Lumber, which manufacturers Southern yellow pine lumber. Together, they employ 90 workers. |

SNF Chemtall in Riceboro GeorgiaSNF Holding Co.

SNF, which is headquartered in France is one of the world's leading manufacturers of water-soluble polymers and specializes in serving the municipal, industrial and wastewater treatment industries, as well as a wide array of specialty applications. SNF opened in Liberty County in 1986 with 15 employees, and their on-site employment today is currently 1,500 (including contractors). SNF's manufacturing complex encompasses over 1.1 million total SF.

IMG_6795.JPGSNF Floquip

SNF Floquip, a subsidiary of SNF Holding Co., manufactures water-soluble polymer feed equipment used to optimize delivery of the SNF chemical polymers produced in Riceboro. The operation began in a 10,000 SF facility at the Riceboro campus, and in 2011, the company moved to an 80,000 SF facility in Midway Industrial Park. In fall 2014, Floquip announced a $7 million expansion that will double its building size to 160,000 SF. One-hundred-thirty direct employees and contractors report for duty at the manufacturing facility.

Truss Mart in Midway GeorgiaTruss Mart

Truss Mart Building Components, a subsidiary of VNS Corporation and manufacturer of custom wood and metal roof trusses and wood floor trusses for residential and light commercial buildings, purchased an available building in 2008. Truss Mart employs 30 in their 22,000 SF facility.

Waltrich Plastics in Liberty County GeorgiaWaltrich Plastic Corporation and Lawn Chair USA

Waltrich Plastic Corporation was created in 1961 to process a thermo plastic named polypropylene. Waltrich manufactures monofilament yarns made from various resins, as well as weaving narrow fabrics and twisting monofilaments. The company expanded from New Jersey in the mid-1970s to Liberty County, and they eventually consolidated all of their operations in the Walthourville Industrial Park. Currently, Waltrich employs 25 personnel and occupies an 115,000 SF building.