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Elan Technology: Manufacturer moves insulation operation from New Jersey

Elan Technology in the Midway Industrial Park

When Tak Argentinis, president of Elan Technology, began searching for a new home for his glass and ceramic insulator company in 1995, Liberty County, Ga. was probably not the first location that came to his mind. Over 15 years later, Argentinis could not imagine his facility anywhere but Liberty County.

“We were operating out of a facility in New Jersey, and the conditions in the industrial Northeast were not very business friendly for manufacturing operations. We were faced with an unfavorable tax structure, a heavy union presence and high energy costs,” states Argentinis. “Therefore, we decided it was time to relocate our operations, and we conducted an extensive site search looking at 31 sites in seven states.”

Ultimately, Argentinis selected a site in the Midway Industrial Park in Liberty County, Ga. for his 90,000-square-foot facility. The plant sits on 22 acres.

Argentinis elaborates on why Liberty County was selected when he says, “One of the major factors that drove our decision was the quality of the soldiers exiting the military at Fort Stewart who were looking for civilian job opportunities in the area. Also, Liberty County is strategically positioned between four ports, located near an international airport, home to major highways and is in a right to work state.” He continues to say, “The level of professionalism and rapid response we received from the Liberty County Development Authority (LCDA) was also key in the selection of the location.”

Since opening in Liberty County in 1997, Elan Technology has found continued success in the manufacture of glass and ceramic insulators for the automotive, telecommunications, appliance, electronics, aerospace and defense industries. Elan Technology’s products are used in everything from anti-lock braking systems and flight data recorders to heart valve defibrillators and Abrams tanks.

“Our customer base includes many Fortune 500 companies. We are fortunate to have customers in the United States and abroad, with 40 – 50% of our business being in export,” remarks Argentinis. “We export our products where our customers need our technology to countries throughout the world like Brazil, Canada, China, France, Japan, Spain and the United Kingdom.”

For over 60 years, Elan Technology has been a leader in the glass, ceramic and toll spray drying industries. Elan Technology is the largest independent United States company in its field producing preforms for hermetic seals and spacers using technical glass, ceramics and glass ceramic composites.

Argentinis summarizes the manufacturing process at Elan Technology by stating, “We take raw materials, mill them down, spray dry them to take out the air and moisture, run them through one of our 100 presses, put them in a furnace to set them and then inspect them before sending them out to our customers.” He goes on to say, “At Elan Technology, we also maintain a complete machining shop to fabricate and sustain our inventory of over 10,000 tool and die sets, so we can provide machining services to a variety of industries.”

To handle all of the day-to-day manufacturing operations, Elan Technology employs 60 people at their facility. Positions at Elan Technology include: material science, ceramics, chemical and mechanical engineers; press operators and machinists.
“We have had great success hiring qualified employees. The majority of our employees have been with us since we opened in 1997,” says Argentinis. “The soldiers exiting the military at Fort Stewart possess valuable skills and a good work ethic and have proved to be incredible employees for us, with 85 – 90% of our production workers being ex-military.”

In addition to gainfully employing area residents, Argentinis has given back to the region in many ways through his civic involvement. Argentinis is the past chairman and a current board member of the Herty Advanced Materials Development Center. He has served as an advisory board member for the Material Science Engineering School at Georgia Tech in Atlanta, an advisory board member for Georgia Tech in Savannah, a past commencement speaker at Savannah Tech and a founding member of the Two Hundred Club of the Coastal Empire.

Argentinis has devoted a significant amount of his time to bettering the area that has helped him find business success and expresses his gratitude to the community by stating, “Liberty County and the LCDA have exceeded our expectations in terms of support. The LCDA understands business and how to best meet our needs.” He goes on to say, “We are thankful for the relationship we have with the LCDA and the community.”